BUSD Libraries FAQ

Q. Can I donate my books to BUSD Libraries?

A. We accept donations of new, hard cover books in excellent condition. Please reach out to the librarian at a nearby school to coordinate a donation. Most books donated to our libraries are passed on to teachers' classrooms or given directly to students. Anything with mold or water damage poses a health risk to our staff and is immediately discarded. 

Magazines and encyclopedia sets are not needed at this time.

Q. Can I volunteer at BUSD Libraries?

A. Yes! Please check the Volunteer page for more information.

Q. Does every school in Berkeley Unified have a library?

A. Every elementary school, middle school and Berkeley High have a library that is staffed and open to students every school day, all day. The preschools each have a lending library and have a library staff member who visits the school at least once a week. Berkeley Technical High School and Berkeley Independent School are awaiting construction of their library. They receive library services one day a week. Berkeley Adult School is the only BUSD school that does not receive library services.

Q. What books are available in the school libraries of Berkeley?

A. Each library has a unique collection with a browsable catalog. Return to the homepage to see the list of school libraries to view the catalog at each school.